What e-juice flavors to make

What e-juice flavors to make?

For a vaper, making own vape juices is a fantastic experience. The vape enthusiasts crave to make their own vape juices like peanut butter e juice, with custom quantities of PG and VG, so that they can make big clouds and enjoy the hits. Peanut butter e-juice is a good flavor and it is loved by most of the vapers, both the professional and occasional ones. Other flavors that are in the favorite list of vapers are the Sugar Cookie, Vanilla custard, Caramel, Hazelnut, and Vanilla bean Ice cream. In this article, we will give you the idea about what e-juice flavors to make, in addition to peanut butter e juice, when you crave to vape in your way.

What e-juice flavors to make

What e-juice flavors to make?

Sugar Cookie: This is a flavor inspired by a delicious soft sugar cookie. It can be combined with other cookie flavorings to make the best out of just a cookie thing. If the texture is still missing, you can add biscuit flavors as well. This flavor is highly versatile, and it will not disturb the most mixes when the mixes are used at fewer percentages. In this flavor mixing recipe idea, the sugar cookie functions just a realistic sugar cookie. You can try this flavor by adding the suitable amounts of VG and PG so that it could give you the smooth vaping experience you need.

Vanilla Custard. This is the most appreciated fundamental custard flavor when it comes to choosing the dessert vape juices. If you are fond of consuming, then the vanilla custard as a must to have the flavor for you. This e-juice flavor is very rich, contains eggs essence and is very versatile as well. The vanilla custard e-juice flavor can be used with different flavorings as well at variable percentages. If you need to add some creaminess to the cookie e-juice flavor or the peanut butter e juice, you need to add just about 4% of it. Note that the more percentage you add, the denser the e-liquid becomes, so be careful.

Caramel: Another delicious and creamy flavor, which is widely considered as one of the best e-juice flavors in the market. The good thing of caramel vape juice is its versatility and the capability to raise the deliciousness when mixed with other flavors. You need to use lower percentages and the chances are high that you will be going to make your custom mix quite better. Works with creams, fruits, even some tobaccos. Used here at 1.25% to help flavors blend and add a touch of caramel to the ice cream

Coconut: This is a very exciting flavor that proves to be favorable for your taste buds and make you feel good. Whether or not you mix it with other flavors, it doesn’t taste like sunscreen. At the same time, it tastes like consuming raw coconut and drinking coconut milk.

Vanilla Bean Ice Cream: This is a flavor that is used when a vaper wishes to taste the ice-cream but it is also being used for adding some texture to your flavor mix. The TPA’s vanilla bean ice cream flavor is very popular. You can use this flavor in the same amount with any other flavorings like the peanut butter e juice.

Hazelnut: As the name suggests, this is a pure hazelnut flavor. It is rich in taste and loved by most of the vapers, especially when used in combination with peanut butter e-juice. This is very easy to make most of the e-juice recipes out there. This flavor is widely used in many cereal mixes, with or without nicotine amounts.

Peanut Butter: If someone is consuming this e-juice e-juice, it means that he would be a mature or professional vaper. The reason behind this fact is that this flavor best suits for those who love chocolaty essences in their vape juices, and they combine the peanut butter flavorings with chocolate, vanilla, and hazelnut.

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